Sonoco Taps Optiant for Supply Chain Design

April 8, 2003
BOSTON and ATLANTA (Supply Chain World), (April 8, 2003) -- Optiant today announced that Sonoco has selected its award-winning PowerChain

BOSTON and ATLANTA (Supply Chain World), (April 8, 2003) -- Optiant today announced that Sonoco [NYSE: SON] has selected its award-winning PowerChain™ 4.0 to help the global packaging company design and implement optimized supply chain strategies.

Optiant's PowerChain will help Sonoco build highly efficient supply chains by allowing stakeholders to quickly identify, prioritize and capture the value of critical choices that affect enterprise performance. The software makes it possible to identify key strategic levers, design and evaluate multiple supply chain scenarios, and quantify the impact on business metrics, including overall supply chain cost, time-to-market and customer satisfaction. It also creates implement-able plans and policies that ensure that the benefits are realized.

"The supply chain is the backbone of any manufacturing organization and maximizing its effectiveness is essential for success," said Bernie Campbell, vice president and CIO at Sonoco, headquartered in Hartsville, S.C. "Optiant's PowerChain 4.0 will help us extend the value that our supply chain delivers in meeting our overall business goals: world-class efficiency and superior customer service."

Sonoco is a leading global industrial and consumer packaging manufacturer and provider of packaging services for many recognizable brands found in pantries, stores and manufacturing plants worldwide.

"Sonoco's initiatives for improving business performance have set the standard for world-class manufacturing," said Dan Ross, CEO of Boston-based Optiant. "We're very pleased to be working with a leader of Sonoco's caliber and look forward to helping it achieve new heights of excellence through better supply chain design and optimization."