CHEP Division Selects RFID Tag

July 29, 2009
Pallet and container pooling service CHEP has selected PowerID's battery-assisted passive radio frequency identification (RFID) tags for its Middle East and Africa division

CHEP, a global pallet and container pooling service, announced it will use battery-assisted passive radio frequency identification (BAP-RFID) tags for retail and automotive customers in South Africa.

The tags will be provided by PowerID Ltd. “We selected PowerID tags for customers with items that challenge RFID performance,” said Victor Leftwick, technology services director for CHEP's Middle East and Africa Division. “Our work with CHEP reinforces our thinking that our labels serve a market need for customers that find passive RFID performance limited and active RFID too costly,” said Erez Kahani, PowerID’s CEO.

CHEP handles pallet and container supply chain logistics for customers in the consumer goods, produce, meat, home improvement, beverage, raw materials, petro-chemical and automotive industries issuing, collecting, conditioning and reissuing more than 300 million pallets and containers from a global network of service centers. RFID is one technology it uses to heighten visibility. CHEP utilizes passive labels for items that do not challenge RFID; however, when challenging materials are involved, CHEP decided to use PowerID’s EPCglobal Class 1, Generation 2 labels with standard RFID readers, alongside passive Gen. 2 RFID labels.