Apparel Retailer Saves With RFID

June 17, 2009
Swiss-based Charles Vögele streamlined its apparel supply chain with RFID tools from Checkpoint Systems.

The radio frequency identification (RFID) solution implemented for Charles Vögele combines the strengths of the Checkpoint Systems Inc. capabilities in shrink management and merchandise visibility including hardware, services, tags and Checkpoint’s Check-Net global ticketing service, notes the supplier. “It enables retailers to streamline their supply chains by applying smart tags to apparel merchandise at point of manufacture, and read the tags throughout the logistics operations and into the store,” says Checkpoint. Once at the store, retailers can track item-level merchandise throughout the facility into the back room, on the selling floor, in fitting rooms, and at point of sale. This visibility enables retailers to optimize their inventory replenishment, reducing out-of-stocks and on-hand inventory, while improving sales.

This implementation provides a comprehensive, source-to-store solution across the retailer’s entire supply chain–from point of manufacture to point of sale--using standard EPC Gen 2 labels. It is the first standards-based solution to RFID-enable a retailer’s entire supply chain, says Checkpoint. With over 70 million garments sourced annually from more than 400 suppliers and distributed to 34 consolidation hubs throughout Asia and Europe, Charles Vögele’s supply chain operations present a logistical challenge for the retailer, noted Checkpoint. “Our adoption of RFID has transformed and improved our operations from source to store. We have begun streamlining our operations and supporting our sales in ways that simply were not possible before; in many ways this marks the beginning of a retail revolution,” commented Thomas Beckmann, VP of Supply Chain, Charles Vögele Group.

After successfully deploying the solution at its Slovenian stores, Charles Vögele is now planning to implement the solution more broadly across its global supply chain and stores throughout Europe.

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