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Sleek yet Rugged Enterprise Hybrid Device

Nov. 6, 2012
First-ever rugged enterprise hybrid device
Honeywell’s first-ever rugged enterprise hybrid device (EHD), the Dolphin 70e Black, was created for traditional auto-identification and data capture customers who want something sleeker and lighter than a typical AIDC industrial device, but need something tougher than a consumer-grade phone. Field professionals can go from the warehouse to the job site and provide better, faster service because of the enhanced communication capability. Warehouse workers can access product information, look at inventory or call another employee inside or outside the building for assistance. The device’s IP67 rating allows for submersion in water and is completely dust-proof . Its 4.3” capacitive touch display can be viewed in direct sunlight. It offers up to 12 hours of battery life with a user replaceable battery. At 7 ounces and around ¾ inches thick, it is lightweight and compact enough to fit in a worker’s pocket.