Information Technology Becoming Part of Business Plan

April 12, 2013
Transportation and logistics executives who report strong relationships between their CIO and other C-suite executives believe they have a competitive advantage.

Social media, the public cloud infrastructure and mobile technologies are moving up the purchasing priority list for executives in transportation and logistics. According to PwC’s fifth annual “Digital IQ Survey,” an assessment of how well companies weave information technology into the fabric of their organization, 61% of industry respondents have a single multi-year roadmap to link IT investments to the overall business plan.

PwC’s survey found that strong collaborators (those who reported high strengths of relationships between the CIO and other C-suite executives) link information technology and business strategy and aggressively invest in emerging technologies. These companies also quickly adapt to market changes to maintain a competitive advantage, the study reports.

Some of the other key findings:

· 87% have confidence in annual market share and total annual revenue over the next 12 months, with the highest confidence being reported in the Americas.

· In Asia-Pacific, respondents plan to ramp Facebook use in the next year, while respondents in the Americas are more evenly divided across a range of social media.

· Although 38% of transportation and logistics industry respondents deliver initiatives on time, they slightly lag overall respondents in delivering projects within budget and scope.

The report’s findings were based on the answers of an industry subset of 1,108 respondents from 12 countries (aggregated into the Americas: U.S. and Brazil; Europe: U.K., France, Germany, Russia, Netherlands and Sweden; and Asia-Pac: Australia, Japan, China and India) across a variety of industries. Findings for the Transportation and Logistics industry were based on 77 respondents across 12 countries.

Those who indicated they were already investing in emerging technologies said they will likely boost spending in cloud, social, mobile and analytics in 2013. However, 53% expressed concern that the poor availability of key skills will potentially threaten their company’s growth prospects. Fifty-two percent fear that the speed of technological change could do the same.