Colorbit USA, LLC

Color-Based Automatic Identification

April 25, 2013

Colorbit USA, LLC’s color-based automatic identification technology uses code configuration and decoding software to read up to several hundred tagged items simultaneously by capturing a single image, with sub-second decoding speeds. It is suitable for inventory management, asset management, quality assurance, anti-counterfeiting, and other applications, particularly on difficult-to-label surfaces and in environments where using traditional bar code labels or RFID tags may be challenging. Using a webcam or a smart phone, the user can take an image of a pallet-load or even a room full of marked items and generate an accurate inventory list in a few seconds. The Colorbit code is comprised of colored cells arranged in a continuous configuration. The contiguous elements are made up of one of three colors (red, green, and blue), and moving from one color to the next generates either a "1" or "0" bit. Using camera-based image processing technology, Colorbit's decoding software interprets the codes by tracing the transition from one color to the next.

Colorbit USA, LLC

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