Customizable Alarm System [New Products]

July 10, 2014

Patlite’s Smart Alert and MP3 Smart Alert Series audible alarms are used for commercial, manufacturing, industrial, institutional, and public settings to alert individuals of an emergency or critical situation. They use the latest in voice and alarm technology and are specifically designed to attract the attention needed in noisy or hectic situations with a loud, yet clear audible command or alarm. There are various models available, from the BSV series that measures 75 mm (3 in.) square and puts out 87dB at 1 meter to the EHS series horn that delivers 110 dB at 1 meter. The FV-127JP has a recording capability of 4 hours and 127 channels. With the playlist programming editor customized MP3 messages can be created, stored to an SD card, and then loaded into an MP3 Smart Alert unit. Messages can be revised and changed at any time as necessary.


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