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One Picker, Thousands of Picks [New Products]

Oct. 30, 2014

Kardex Remstar’s Smartpick 6000 inventory management software, in combination with proven horizontal carousel technology, creates an order fulfillment solution combining several horizontal carousels. Typically two to four units are combined into one order picking station which usually only requires a single operator. Depending on the layout of the system and the strategies employed, several thousand order lines can be picked by one worker per shift. A number of different layouts are possible depending on the dimensions of the premises. Two horizontal carousels are commonly arranged as a double station with access openings rectangular to one another. For high throughput applications, three or four carousels are arranged in an L-shaped triple or quadruple station or stacked in a multilevel system. The L-shape considerably shortens the order picking routes, as the access openings at the front are close to each other, eliminating walk and search time required with shelving. Further, the horizontal carousels work simultaneously, avoiding unproductive waiting times for the staff.

Kardex Remstar, LLC

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