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New SATO Companies Seek Stronger Global Presence

Oct. 31, 2014
This provider of barcode printing, labeling, and EPC/RFID products is establishing SATO Global Solutions and SATO International.

As part of its strategy to grow its business overseas, SATO, providers of barcode printing, labelling, and EPC/RFID products, will establish two new group companies: SATO Global Solutions and SATO International. Both companies will officially launch in January 2015, with SATO Global Solutions headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, and SATO International in Tokyo, Japan.

Mike Beedles has been appointed to lead SATO Global Solutions. With more than twenty years of consulting, sales and management experience, he has spent the last seven leading a specialized team within SATO America focused on system integration, developing and deploying warehouse management systems, traceability systems and RFID solutions.
Kaz Matsuyama, president and CEO of SATO Holdings, will also serve as the head of SATO International, allowing for central management of global business operations and close cooperation between the Japan HQ and overseas group companies.