Automatic, Articulated Robot Solves Pallet Challenges

Automatic, Articulated Robot Solves Pallet Challenges

BEUMER Group offers the robotpac, a fully automatic articulated robot that solves complex palletizing and de-palletizing challenges. The automatic gripping systems are easily exchangeable and suitable for each item to be packed. The fork gripper was designed for palletizing bagged goods and cardboard boxes. It picks up the packaged item from a take-away roller conveyor and secures it using a holding-down device during transport. Once the target position on the pallet has been reached, the gripper opens with a horizontal movement and the push-off plate pushes the packaged item off the fork. The parallel gripper is a special tool for palletizing cardboard boxes and other dimensionally stable containers with parallel side walls. The essential components are a fixed plate that functions as a limit stop and a pneumatically activated clamping device that pushes the cardboard box horizontally against the fixed plate.There are also specialty grippers and combination tools that enable simultaneous processing of secondary tasks, including sheet or empty pallet placement on the conveying systems or barcode reading.




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