Mixed-Load Order Fulfillment [New Products]

Mixed-Load Order Fulfillment [New Products]

Intelligrated’s  next generation of Alvey robotic mixed-load order fulfillment solutions answer the need for partial pallet loads and retail-ready display pallets. The suite of Alvey robotic mixed-load order fulfillment solutions incorporates robotics, configurable end-of-arm tooling, advanced software, controls and vision technology.  The end-of-arm tooling can handle multiple case sizes in a single pick. The load passes through a stack-and-wrap solution to ensure pallet load stability before traveling on chain driven live roller pallet conveyor for pickup. An autonomous mobile robot then transports loads from the stack-and-wrap area to the depalletizing station where a vision-guided robot identifies the case and places it into a defined spot for resequencing back into the mixed-load palletizing cell, completing the loop.



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