Aegis InterWorld launches to offer logistics outsourcing services

Aegis InterWorld Inc. (AIW), a provider of business process outsourcing (BPO) services and solutions, has launched to address the burgeoning logistics BPO market. The new company is supported by a private equity investment funded by Essar Group, one of India's largest corporate houses with an asset base of US$ 4.4 billion.

Aegis InterWorld will offer integrated capabilities that organize, optimize and orchestrate logistics management functions across the entire enterprise. Its BPO and outsourced business process management capabilities are centered around core supply chain and logistics functionality, including procurement planning, bidding and cost analysis, order fulfillment and transportation logistics.

The company offers a range of business critical services, including the analysis and restructuring of business processes that provide customers with a roadmap for improvement as well as foster Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and support best practices initiatives such as Six Sigma and SCOR. To complement these services, Aegis InterWorld features a proprietary suite of BPO technologies, backed by operations in both the U.S. and India to deliver business process solutions.

Initial market projections from research firm IDC estimate that the global market for logistics BPO is $155 billion and is expected to grow 12 percent per year for the next five years reaching $276.5 billion ("Worldwide and US Logistics BPO Service Forecast 2003-2007"); IDC expects the worldwide BPO market to reach $682.5 billion by 2008.

Mark Skoda will serve as CEO of Aegis InterWorld. He has over 30 years of supply chain and logistics experience, including 11 years of international operations leadership, with such firms as UPS Europe, Federal Express' Asia Pacific logistics services, Mark VII, FreightMax and Penske Logistics.

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