Amerijet Pilots and Flight Engineers Strike

Amerijet International's 62 pilots and flight engineers struck the airline to protest wages and working conditions.

Other unions have supported the Amerijet pilots and flight engineers and airlines and motor carriers have agreed not to carry Amerijet freight.

"We are disappointed that the International Brotherhood of Teamsters' (IBT) inability to reach a fair agreement has resulted in their decision to strike," said Pamela Rollins, SVP Business Development for Amerijet. “The demands were simply not justified in any respect, particularly given the current competitive and economic environment," she continued.

"While we regret IBT’s decision to strike, we have prepared for this contingency" said Rollins. Amerijet has continued to operate its published flight schedule and has experienced no interruption of service to its customers, the airline reported.

The cargo airline serves 52 destinations in 31 countries.

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