British Port Workers in Strike Vote

Associated British Ports (ABP) is facing industrial action by dockworkers covered under collective agreements if a pay dispute is not resolved. “The way ABP has structured their workforce means there are two groups doing the work on the docks. Those with collective agreements will be balloting for industrial action,” a spokesman for the Transport and General Workers’ Union told the British press. The dispute centers on a 3.5% pay increase offered to workers who have personal contracts while those with collective agreements were offered a 2.9% pay increase.

ABP owns and operates 21 ports in the U.K. and, by its own report, handles a quarter of the country’s seaborne trade. Over 300 union dockworkers have received ballots and will decide whether to authorize a strike. Balloting will run until June 27th.

Another 500 workers are covered by personal contracts.

Dockworkers covered by the collective agreement point to the company’s recent success and growth and have said their contribution to that success is not being adequately recognized.
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