Celestica Selects DHL for Express Delivery

DHL will transport telecommunications and electronics components and finished goods within North America and from North America to Asia and Europe under a multi-million-dollar agreement it signed with Celestica. Celestica has manufacturing facilities in Bangkok, Thailand; Monterrey, Mexico; Toronto, Canada; and Kladno, Czech Republic. It also has major consolidation points in Chicago, IL; Buffalo, NY; Laredo, TX; and Miami, FL.

In other news, ABX Air, which supplies lift to DHL, reported second-quarter net income of $4.5 million, down 30.8% from $6.5 million in the same period of 2006. The carrier, formerly the airline portion of Airborne Express before Airborne was acquired by DHL, reported revenues from DHL operations declined 12.2%, but its non-DHL-related revenue increased 156.8% to $22.4 million.

Though the ABX strategy includes expanding beyond its agreements with DHL, its two commercial agreements with DHL remain a key component of its business and generate significant earnings and cash flow, says ABX CEO Joe Hete

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