CH Robinson Reports Revenue/Profit Rise

However, the company reported transportation gross profit margins were 17.7% in 2007 down from 18.3% in 2006. "Inclusive of fuel, our truckload rates increased approximately 3%," said the CH Robinson report. "Excluding estimated impacts of fuel, rates decreased approximately 3%."

Intermodal gross profits decreased 4.3% in the fourth quarter due to a decline in gross profit margins which was partially offset by an increase in volumes. The gross profit margin decline was due to a change in the mix of business from higher-margin, transactional business to more contractual intermodal business, the company said.

Ocean transportation gross profits rose 24.4%, driven by volume growth. And air transportation gross profit grew 64.6% in the fourth quarter, including $1.3 million in domestic air gross profits from the acquisition of LXSI Services Inc. on July 13, 2007. International air business also experienced significant volume growth in all regions, especially Asia.

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