Chinas Newest Airport is Open for Business

The new airport is divided into three zones. There is an office zone, which includes, in addition to administrative space, a facility for customs, immigration and quarantine. Between the airport’s two runways is the terminal zone (the interior is shown in the photo here). The terminal building is expected to handle more than 25 Million passengers each year into 2010.

Guangzhou Baiyun’s cargo zone includes warehouses, air and postal express facilities as well as a base to handle business jets. Cargo warehousing space is more than 110,000 square meters. Adjacent to the cargo area is an aircraft maintenance hanger, capable of handling two wide-body airplanes and nine narrow-bodies at the same time.

Seen as one of China’s three largest gateway airports, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport was completed after four years of intensive construction. It is need to supplement the older Guangzhou city airport which, for 46 years, has been China’s busiest for take-offs and landings (142,000 in 2003), handling 544,000 tons of cargo, mail and luggage last year and more than 15 Million passengers in 2003. The new airport is north of Guangzhou and 23 kilometers from the older city airport.
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