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Clear-View Technologies Retains Riverwood

Clear View Technologies,, an innovator of real-time asset management systems for the hospitality and pharmaceuticals industries, has selected Riverwood Solutions for sourcing and supply chain management services for its soon-to-be- released Halo System (which is used for real time inventory measurement and management).

“When we looked at the overhead costs of internally managing all of the various sourcing and supply chain management activities required to support the production ramp of the Halo System, retaining Riverwood Solutions was pretty simple math,” said Paul Mula, CEO of Clear-View Technologies. “Their team was able to very quickly demonstrate a level of expertise and a depth of supplier relationships that we could never have matched internally. The improvement in cost of goods sold (COGS) that Riverwood Solutions was able to deliver was quite impressive and will provide significant benefit to both our customers and our shareholders.”

“We are very excited about working with Riverwood Solutions as a supply chain partner to help us manage the cost and quality aspects of volume production,” said Sherman W. Tom, COO of Clear-View Technologies, Inc. “It is a true partnership on a global basis.”

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