Core Solutions Selected for Global Sourcing

The £5.8 billion ($11.5 billion) home and general merchandise retailer Home Retail Group has selected Hong Kong-based Core Solutions to provide sourcing, order management and supply chain collaboration solutions.
Home Retail Group started its direct sourcing operation in 2001 and it now provides products that account for a large percentage of the company's retail sales. “Developing an efficient sourcing and supply chain management capability is a key part of Home Retail Group's strategy,” says Graham Kibby, managing director for Home Retail Asia.
According to Kibby, the company was looking for a way its international team could work together more cohesively. Home Retail went through an extensive evaluation of sourcing systems, continues Kibby, and ended by selecting CBX Merchant. All product, customer vendor and project information is managed centrally, along with material and component, costing, sample, order, quality, shipment and finance data. Workflow tools track and automate a range of business processes across the office or around the globe.
“Global direct sourcing is a complex business that involves stakeholders in multiple organizations, disciplines and time zones,” says Michael Hung, CEO of Core Solutions. The company supplies electronic and web-base solutions for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Global Sourcing Management, Global Vendor Automation and Supply Chain Collaboration. Leading retailers, wholesalers, brand manufacturers and thousands of vendors around the world use Core Solutions' software and services to coordinate activities, synchronize data, increase visibility and eliminate manual processes, according to the company.

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