Deadline is Approaching for Marking of Explosives

On that date licensed manufacturers who have imports of explosive materials into the U.S. must place identification markings on them. Regulations were already in place specifying that U.S. explosives manufacturers had to place markings on their products in order to help ensure that the materials could be effectively traced for criminal enforcement purposes.

Though the rules are now essentially the same for domestic and foreign manufacturers, ATF does not have regulatory control over offshore suppliers. It does, however, have authority over licensed importer of explosive materials.

At the same time, ATF has removed requirements that those with licenses or permits need to file for an amended license or permit in order to change the class of explosive materials described in their licenses or permits from a lower to a higher classification.

If there are questions, contact James P. Ficaretta of ATF’s Enforcement Programs and Services at 202-927-8203.
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