Delta Air Lines implements site validation solution for cargo shipments

Delta Air Lines is teaming up with supplier management company Diversified Services International (dsi) to implement a site validation program for Delta's cargo shipments. The program provides increased security over the previous method through known shipper identification, validation and delivery vendor management.

Prior to the implementation of dsi's standardized system, Delta relied on its own personal security to do background checks and research on shippers and delivery vendors. Under the new contract, dsi provides shipper verification, also known as site validation, with its Pickup & Delivery (PU&D) system.

Delta will have access to dsi's LogiTRACK management system for detailed delivery information along with data management and analysis. This system standardizes, simplifies, automates, measures and manages the entire delivery process, helping to reduce paperwork while cutting costs for the airline and delivery vendors.

Diversified Services also provides luggage delivery management services nationwide for Delta, which includes accounting, auditing and electronic payment. From a client service standpoint, dsi also manages and monitors supplier performance while seeking and making recommendations for improvements.

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