DHL Gets More Wal-Mart Business

The new contract nearly doubles the volume and revenue DHL generated from its previous relationship with Wal-Mart. DHL will continue its exclusive specialty product repair and return delivery service for Wal-Mart and will take on responsibility for all specialty product transportation for Wal-Mart and Sam’s Clubs nationwide.

Additionally, DHL will serve as one of Wal-Mart’s primary carriers for its state transportation program for all outbound shipments among the retailer’s stores, distribution centers and suppliers.

DHL will also continue to manage customized services for Wal-Mart, including its optical-product logistics program, online holiday floral distribution and express transportation from Wal-Mart’s mailroom distribution centers.

Under the new agreement, Wal-Mart will use DHL’s “Optical Village” near Columbus, OH, to consolidate specialty item shipments for delivery to stores and clubs. All orders for eyeglasses from Wal-Mart’s four US optical labs will be transported to the Optical Village, where they will be sorted and packaged for each retail store and then shipped for next-day delivery.

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