EPA Sees Major Fuel Savings Promise in a New Vehicle

The hydraulic hybrid has been developed through a partnership between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. Army, UPS, International Truck and Engine Corp. and Eaton Corp. Not only were dramatic fuel savings achieved in the laboratory, there was more than a 40% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, as well.

EPA sees the new vehicles being used in diverse applications that include package delivery, among others. EPA and UPS are running a series of tests during the remainder of the year that seek to evaluate fuel economy performance and emissions.

The UPS testing of the vehicle will be used on a city route in the Detroit area, on that makes daily deliveries to both homes and businesses.

EPA estimates are that when manufactured in high volume, added costs of the hybrid components on the new vehicle could be recovered in less than three years through lower brake maintenance and fuel costs.

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