FedEx Ground to Open a New Hub in Ohio

Perrysburg is a suburb of Toledo. Its operations will replace those in place in Toledo. Counting costs for land, construction and material handling equipment, the total expense is expected to be $87 million. The 400,000 sq ft facility will contain the most modern automated material handling technology. When opened in 2009, it is expected that 22,500 packages per hour will move through the facility. That is expected to climb to 45,000 packages per hour when the hub reaches its full capacity after a projected expansion.

Part of the project is creation of a 44-acre truck staging area adjacent to the interchange of the Ohio Turnpike and Interstate 75. While the Ohio Turnpike permits triple-trailer longer than conventional vehicles, they are not permitted on other highways and roads in Ohio. The staging area will permit the unhooking of one trailer before the rig moves on to the new hub, located one mile away.

In commenting on the project, Michael P. Mannion, senior vice president of Operations for FedEx Ground, says, “Enhancing our distribution capability in the Midwest is an important step in our ongoing efforts to increase the size, speed and efficiency of our network. This new facility will help us meet the growing demand of local shippers and serve as one of just two gateways for shipments destined to Canada.

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