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FedEx Joins Effort to Rescue Sea Turtles from Oil Spill

FedEx Corp. has joined the effort to protect sea turtle nests and eggs from potential impacts of the oil spill in the northern Gulf of Mexico. The company will be donating resources to transport hundreds of nests containing thousands of eggs to Florida's Atlantic Coast, and its logistics experts are working with the Unified Command and its partner organizations to implement this complex translocation. The relocation efforts are scheduled to begin in mid-July and continue throughout the hatching season.

FedEx is working closely with Unified Command Wildlife Branch scientists to create a safe and secure transportation solution for the relocation effort. The sea turtle nests and eggs will travel exclusively in its FedEx Custom Critical air-ride, temperature-controlled vehicles.

"In light of the imminent threat to sea turtles, we felt it was important to help move this extraordinary project forward," says Jeff Trandahl, executive director of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF). "Given our strong relationship with FedEx and our long-standing relationship with the federal agencies, we were able to move quickly to develop an effective plan. We'll continue to work with all parties so that this relocation offers the best hope for sea turtles' survival."

NFWF is supporting a number of wildlife projects in the Gulf region and is helping to coordinate the work of federal agencies, biologists and others who will be involved in the massive transport effort. The Foundation, established by Congress in 1984, is a non-profit conservation organization that works closely with federal agencies and private sector partners to protect wildlife and natural resources.

FedEx's commitment to NFWF is in support of the company's EarthSmart Outreach efforts, in which FedEx contributes to the community in environmentally-focused ways.

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