Half Price Books Streamlines its Transportation and Distribution

Half Price Books, a retail chain of new and used books, has selected Manhattan SCALE (Supply Chain Architected for Logistics Execution) from Manhattan Associates to manage its complex distribution process. Featuring more than 100 stores in 16 states, each with its own unique inventory of new and used books, music, movies and games, the discount retailer has tapped Manhattan Associates to create more efficient and environmentally responsible distribution and transportation methods.

"The challenge at Half Price Books is that every inventory item is unique—we needed inventory visibility to help stores improve customer service, grow online sales and maximize the value of every book," says J. Eric James, distribution manager, Half Price Books, Records, Magazines, Inc. “As a SmartWay EPA partner, streamlining our transportation and distribution processes with Manhattan SCALE also helps us fulfill our brand promise of environmental responsibility.”

Manhattan SCALE is a portfolio of distribution management and transportation management solutions built on Microsoft .NET technology. It leverages optimization techniques to improve the flow of goods throughout supply chains, which enables companies to tie together processes, data and workflows to increase order accuracy, improve deliveries and gain total visibility into inventory.

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