Heard & overheard: Take me out to the ballgame

Is there a connection between baseball and logistics? Apparently so, based on the high visibility the national pastime has gotten from the logistics industry. Let's look at the replay:

Admitting that he knows precious little about business management, legendary Baltimore Orioles shortstop Cal Ripken nevertheless used a capacity audience at the Logistics & Supply Chain Forum as a testing ground for an in-development book on perseverance.

As baseball's reigning Iron Man (he played in 2,632 consecutive games, from 1982-1998), Ripken knows a little something about sticking it out, and he offers a few "secrets."

"Meet the challenges of the day by taking the right approach — an honest and pure approach," he suggests. And have a passion for what you do. "My dad used to say there are too many people in this world doing things they hate," Ripken says. "Love what you do so strongly that when things go bad, you can still do it anyway because you love it so much."

LTL carrier Roadway Express is honoring the achievements of the Negro Leagues with a mobile exhibit, "Times of Greatness."

Packed into a 53-foot trailer is a touring version of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, filled with photos, videos, uniforms and other memorabilia celebrating players who went on to become major league stars, like Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays and Hank Aaron, as well as Negro League legends who never made it to the "Show," such as Josh Gibson, Buck Leonard and Cool Papa Bell.

The exhibit is appearing at various major league ballparks this season. Check out www.roadway.com/baseball for a schedule.

Parcel carrier DHL is one of the sponsors of Operation Slugger, a program that aims to boost morale among U.S. troops based in Afghanistan and Iraq by providing them sports equipment for recreational activities. DHL and its partners are collecting donated sporting goods from local communities across the U.S., which will be delivered to troops stationed overseas. To contribute, visit www.operationslugger.org to find a list of drop-off points.

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