Isuzu Introduces Priority Service Maintenance Program

Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Inc has introduced a Priority Service Maintenance Program that will guaranty preventive maintenance costs with fixed parts and labor expenses for three to six years depending on the term, mileage and utilization. Under extensive development and testing for over two years, the program was launched with select Isuzu dealers during the past year.

“[The program] was developed at the request of dealers, customers and transportation consultants as a way to guaranty the cost of parts and service and to provide a bridge between basic ownership and a full service lease program,” said Shaun Skinner, executive vice president, general manager. “This program will support the customers for the first time with fixed scheduled maintenance costs nationwide with no increases over the term of three to six years.”

In addition to guaranteed parts and labor costs, customers may take advantage of additional services such as brake, tire and substitute vehicles options, continued Skinner. In conjunction with Isuzu Finance of America, Inc. or Hitachi Capital Corp., the program can be wrapped into the vehicle finance contract or lease. The program will enable one payment for the vehicle and scheduled preventive maintenance along with other options selected by the customer.

Currently 174 Isuzu dealers are participating in the program and have attended workshops and training in order to provide consistent service policy and procedures nationwide. Dealers have also agreed to provide a high level of priority service to customers, including concierge, roadside assistance and an optional nationwide discounted fuel card, said Isuzu. Other strategic partners participating in the program include Yokohama Tire and Chevron Lubricants.

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