Name Change Wont Change TIP Intermodal Service

“Though our intermodal customers will see no change in our existing products and service offerings, aligning this important segment with the GE brand name is important in ensuring customers know they are partnered with one of the most visible brands in the work,” says Ted Torbeck, President and CEO of GE Equipment Services Rail Services. “It brings a commitment to world-class customer service and quality.”

Legally, the Rail Services business is a wholly owned affiliate company within GE’s Equipment Services division. Previously, the Trailer Fleet Services division of GE moved to use of GE market brandling.

GE Equipment Services, Rail Services, leases a varied assortment of 180,000 railroad cars – including hoppers, tank cars, boxcars and intermodal flat cars, among others – as well as 150,000 intermodal trailers, containers and chassis to shippers and railroads.

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