New Directories and Maritime Dictionary Published

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) has issued a Supply Chain and Logistics Consultants Directory listing 225 consultants. Developed by Dr. Paul Zinszer of Syracuse University, the directory lists consultants alphabetically, by state or by areas of specialization (where at least 25% of their work comes from a particular area of specialization). The 92-page publication is available for $79.95 ($39.95 for CSCMP members). Visit

CSCMP has also released a new DVD, “What in the World is the Global Supply Chain?” which was created to explain supply chain careers and interest students in pursuing a career in the profession.

Cornell Maritime Press has released the updated “Dictionary of Maritime and Transportation Terms.” From the practical to the unusual, the dictionary explains acronyms, terms and phrases and provides cross references.

The publisher offers examples of “fanning the willows” as one uncommon phrase. It refers to a boat running close to the bank. On a more practical note, “lease custody transfer” is the transfer of produced crude oil and/or condensate, after processing and/or treating in the producing operations, from storage tanks or automatic transfer facilities to pipelines or any other form of transportation.

Authored by Captains Jeffery Monroe and Robert Stewart, PhD, the dictionary is available for $19.95 at

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