Norfolk Southern and Canadian National Join to Speed Freight

The two railroads will work together to more quickly move merchandise and coal between the Midwest and Southeast.

MidAmerican Corridor is the name of the initiative from Norfolk Southern (NS- and Canadian National (CN- that will include track sharing between Chicago, St. Louis, Kentucky and Mississippi. The move will shorten the distance between Chicago and St. Louis by 60 miles for CN and improve its connections to other rail carriers through St. Louis. This is one of three components that will comprise the MidAmerican Corridor.

The railroads explain the second move will allow NS to use CN routes between St. Louis and Fulton, KY. This will save 50 miles on NS shipments. Third, CN will haul NS freight between Chicago and Fulton. This will shorten the Chicago-to-Birmingham NS route by 100 miles.

“This innovative track-sharing arrangement will expedite our customers’ shipments, improve asset utilization and generate new efficiencies for both CN and NS,” observes E. Hunter Harrison, CN president and CEO. Wick Moorman, NS CEO claims, “The MidAmerica Corridor is an important partnership that will create better routes for shippers on both railroads. On the Norfolk Southern system, it will help level demand on our busy north-south routes, while improving service and velocity for many more customers.”

There are several additional improvements to be part of the MidAmerica Corridor. The two railroads will create a new coal gateway at Corinth, MS. It’s aimed at better linking Southeastern utility plants with Illinois Basin coal producers being served by CN. The West Tennessee Railroad between Fulton and Corinth will be improved to be able handle heavier loads and increases in rail traffic.

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