Oakland Announces Truck Tracking System

The Port of Oakland, Bay Area World Trade Center (BAWTC), and private partners (International Asset Systems, Sprint Nextel, Walsh Wireless, and Xora) announced a new technology-based solution for truck movement efficiency. Dubbed the “Advanced Transport Communications System,” it provides visibility of cargo containers as they are nearing the Port of Oakland, and as they are delivered to retailers and distribution centers around Northern California.

The program is one of a bundle of technology innovations as part of the overall Port of Oakland Truck Tracker program (PTT) for improving truck movement efficiency, say port officials. “We are pleased to be the first Port in the United States to use GPS technology in this new way,” said Anthony Batarse, president of the Oakland Board of Port Commissioners. “It will help both our business partners and the community,” he added.

GPS-enabled mobile phones from Sprint are used in conjunction with tracking software from mobile workforce software provider Xora, and container-transaction processing from International Asset Systems (IAS). The system was in test mode since 2006, but is now operational.

The Port of Oakland and Bay Area World Trade Center are actively rolling it out to the shipping community using the port’s services. Already in use by over 200 truckers and two major shippers and ocean carriers, PTT monitors truck movement by providing real time tracking for more efficient cargo transport.

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