Oppostion to Changes in New Hours of Service

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance – a group characterizing itself as an association of truck and bus safety enforcement officials and industry representatives in the U.S., Canada and Mexico – strongly objects to “the current effort by various members of the food and retail industries (short haul operators) to seek changes to the newly enacted U.S. DOT HOS regulations for truck and bus drivers.”

In writing to key members of Congress, the Alliance insists that no changes to HOS regulations be made until hearings on proposed changes are held. The feeling is that enough hearings, testimony and comments were made prior to the new regulations being issued.

The Alliance notes that while industry sectors are pushing for change, “In large part their arguments have been based on the fact that they are being forced to alter their operations. Frankly, we do not believe this is a credible position to take…HOS regulations are not principally meant to accommodate the needs of industry. They are meant to reduce fatalities due to driver fatigue and increase safety.”

The Alliance also calls for legislation and funding to help drivers find adequate, secure rest areas where they can take a sufficient rest break

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