Ordering Airfreight On Line to Grow

In January 2003, Unisys and three major air cargo carriers launched CPS as a booking, management and communication service aimed at freight forwarders. Improved service to forwarders can mean improved service to the shipping community generally.

Of those responding to the survey 40% said they are now scheduling more than 25% of their shipments on line. Some 60% of respondents expected to do most of their bookings electronically by mid-year 2005.

A major factor in favor of conducting airfreight business on line for 87% of responding freight forwarders is the ability to see and manage shipments. Industry-developed Cargo 2000 shipment quality tracking standards are an important and valuable component of electronic business packages for 75% of respondents.

The survey doesn’t necessarily indicate that shipments have grown, just that use of technology for scheduling is on the increase. CPS, operated by Unisys, includes the global networks of Air Canada, Austrian Airlines, KLM, Northwest Air and United Airlines.

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