Pocket Nurse Adopts WMS to Support Future Growth

Pocket Nurse, a distributor of medical supplies and equipment for healthcare educators, has selected a warehouse management system (WMS) from HighJump Software to manage its growing distribution operations. After first implementing the HighJump WMS in its existing facility, Pocket Nurse plans to roll out the solution in its new distribution facility as well.

Pocket Nurse began its search for a WMS when it realized its current system was stifling opportunities for growth. In addition to being difficult to maintain, the old system could not provide accurate cycle counting and physical inventory data, and could not track serial numbers, lot numbers or expiration dates. The new WMS, however, will enable the company to streamline a unique kitting and pack-out process, which will help significantly reduce time and labor costs and help Pocket Nurse grow over the next five years.

In addition, the WMS will help increase inventory accuracy, boost productivity, and provide serial number, lot number and expiration date tracking. The solution will also help Pocket Nurse provide better customer communication and improved overall organizational communication.

“The WMS handles our complex requirements and will give us real-time visibility into our operations, which will allow us to meet the needs of more customers and expand our business,” says Anthony Battaglia, president of Pocket Nurse.

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