Ruan Hauls Hurricane Relief Supplies

As Hurricane Ike was approaching the Gulf Coast, Ruan Transport Corp. was hauling water, food and other supplies for residents in areas affected by Hurricane Gustav. In partnerships with FEMA and Target Corp., Ruan said it will provide aid to storm-damaged communities along the Gulf Coast, including Lafayette, LA.

Thirty Ruan tankers were delivering clean water to a Home Depot warehouse in Lafayette, LA where it was being distributed to citizens and businesses. Much of the water supply in Lafayette and surrounding areas may be contaminated from bacteria Gustav stirred up and brought in, and some government leaders had estimated it could be a couple weeks before water plants are operating normally.

Ruan has a history of donating services for disaster assistance. The company first worked with FEMA in 2003 when storms battered Florida, and then assisted again in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans.

“FEMA knows when there’s a need, we’ll respond,” says Roger Marlow, Ruan Vice President and Regional Manager. “Ruan’s fleet can quickly and efficiently get essential items to the people who need them and we’re happy to do it.”

A Ruan truck also picked up fourteen pallets of food and comfort items from the Cedar Falls, IA, Target distribution center and delivered it Wednesday morning to the Minneapolis Convention Center. Target is donating more than $300,000 in product for relief packages to support Hurricane Gustav relief assistance efforts, in partnership with the Red Cross. The packages were assembled by volunteers and delegates in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area for the Republican National Convention.

Ruan and Target also partnered to provide relief supplies to residents of tornado-stricken Manhattan, KS, earlier this summer.

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