Savi and South Carolina Ports Team for Security and More

Once installed and operating, the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) infrastructure--SaviTrak--will boost the security and efficiency of the Port. It will provide visibility of RFID-sealed containers and their contents. Customers will have real time location and status information as well as automatically receiving alerts and analytics.
Senator Jim DeMint (Rep.-SC) observes that, "In an era of constant terrorist threats and growing trade, it's vital that we balance commerce with security. Projects that bolster the Port of Charleston's aggressive port security posture while facilitating cargo flow are exceptionally important."
Together the three terminals account for more than 2 million container shipments each year. They are Wando Welch, North Charleston and Columbus Street.
"Linking information about location, environmental and security status to the physical flow of cargo provides improved supply chain visibility to shippers using our port while enhancing maritime security," says South Carolina State Ports Authority president and CEO, Bernard S. Groseclose, Jr.

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