Schneider Tanker Division Increases Owner-Operator Compensation

Schneider National Bulk Carriers, the tanker division of truckload carrier Schneider National, is increasing owner-operator compensation by $.05 per mile. The new rate increases owner-operator compensation to $1.05 per mile, plus fuel surcharge, for loaded and unloaded miles.

Schneider’s Tanker owner-operators average 125,000 miles a year and, with the increase for this group taking effect on Dec. 5, 2010, could reportedly see an extra $6,250 per year in revenue with the new mileage rate.

Schneider National Bulk Carriers will be adding experienced tanker owner-operators and will also provide training to assist owner-operators considering a transition into the chemical-hauling industry.

Schneider is in full compliance with the new safety standards after the first CSA BASICs (Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories) review. The company provides drivers with their individual performance data and works with the FMCSA if the data are incorrect.

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