Swissport Deploys Dimensioning Systems Across Global Network

FreightScan LLC, a provider of technology solutions for the freight and logistics industry, has formed a strategic partnership with Swissport International, Ltd., a provider of ground services to the aviation sector. This newly formed partnership will enable Swissport to install automated dimensioning systems in facilities across its global network, offering an enhanced level of cargo handling services to airlines.

FreightScan began working with Swissport in September 2009 when it installed an FS100 dimensioning system at the Amsterdam (AMS) air cargo station, explains André Johnson, CEO of FreightScan. The results of that installation proving successful, the two companies then began developing a standardized method for dimensioning 100% of shipments.

The first phase of the partnership will extend from the Amsterdam station and include additional installations at London Heathrow, Frankfurt, Chicago and Los Angeles airports. The dimensioning systems designated for these facilities capture length, width and height for all types of cargo, creating a printable and retrievable record of the dimensions, dimensional weight, a scan image and digital photo of each piece of a shipment. Subsequent phases will continue to roll out dimensional systems to Swissport’s major facilities throughout Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

FreightScan is configuring the dimensional systems for Swissport to include a feature called DimmTech, a setting that allows operators to dimension multiple pieces of cargo with a single scan. The dimensional systems themselves are small and light, so they install directly over a scale to dimension the cargo at the same time the reweigh is performed. It is capable of capturing accurate dimensions of cargo in seconds, and creates a retrievable data record for each waybill, including dimensions, scan images and digital photos.

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