Technology Monitors Ocean Shipments

Some of the most destructive forces in nature drive ocean turbulence which can cause damage to shipments in transit. Ocean freight rocks and rolls with each wave, says ShockWatch, and the consequences of this motion may result in unseen product damage. Its new ShockWatch Tilt & Roll accessory for the ShockLog Impact Recorder, can measure, record and analyze information on the degree of tilt and sway to determine the potential for product damage during an ocean voyage.

“A stormy, ocean ride has the potential to lead to product damage. ShockWatch and its new Tilt & Roll technology provide users with increased knowledge of what happened on the high seas when no one was looking,” said Angela Kerr, product manager for ShockWatch’s Shipping & Handling products.

It is compatible with the ShockLog RD298 recorder. Utilizing its own power source and transmitting recordings to the memory of the ShockLog unit. It’s a valuable new impact recorder accessory helping companies record their transit environment and make informed decisions regarding potentially damaging events, continued Kerr.

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