Third-party logistics providers (3PLs)

A third-party logistics provider (3PL) is an asset-based or non-asset-based company that manages one or more logistics processes or operations for another company. Revenues for the U.S. 3PL market broke $100 billion for the first time in 2005, according to Armstrong & Associates, which indicates the extent to which companies are willing to cede some control over their supply chains in order to focus on their core competencies.

Once a company has made the decision to go the 3PL route, the next question is: Which 3PL is right for you? To simplify the picking-and-choosing process, we've designed the 3PL Solution Selector, which allows you to compare service offerings from the following 144 companies.

On our website — — you'll also be able to compare 3PLs head to head, learn more about each specific company, and even submit an RFI (request for information).

All of the information in the accompanying charts, as well as in our online Solution Selector, was provided by the 3PLs.

Click here for the entire chart.

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