TNT in Union Agreement and Announces Expansion

In a collective agreement covering 60,000 TNT employees in the Netherlands, the company and its unions have agreed to measures that, in the event of any reorganization, would encourage mobility from one job to another and full assistance to employees looking for a job outside the TNT organization. “The collective agreement on mobility comprises measures to minimize the need for redundancies,” said the company.

The agreement, which would run until 2011, involves five unions. The unions have agreed and, TNT said, will present the agreement to their members with a recommendation that they approve it.

In other news, TNT Post expanded its coverage in Germany by acquiring a 25.1% stake in regional mail delivery company Nordwest-Mail GmbH in Bremen.

TNT Post Germany covers 90% of the households in the Federal Republic of Germany, providing mail deliveries, consolidation services for business customers and distribution of direct-mail advertising to private households.

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