Top Transportation Marketer Named

Tammy Beil was named Marketing Executive of the Year by the Transportation Marketing Communications Association.

It takes a strong, integrated team effort to “move the needle” and show results with marketing says Tammy Beil, vice president of marketing for FedEx Freight. Accepting the Marketing Executive of the Year award at the annual conference of the Transportation Marketing Communications Association (TMCA), she credited her team with the success the division had with its marketing strategies.

Discussing marketing's strategic role, she said it is important to identify and quantify results. The attitude that marketing doesn't show results is in the past, she commented.

Beil has strong views on examining every contact from the customer's point of view—looking at the customer experience. She offers an example of branding in Canada where she says FedEx Freight may have been able to launch as much as four months earlier, but it wanted to make sure that not only the operations were in order but the customer experience would be at the level FedEx Freight expected. We don't want to be transactional, she said, we want to be a partner—to solve problems.

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