Trailer Production To Remain Slow

Trailer production won't begin its slow recovery before 2010, says FTR Associates.

Trailer production will continue at current depressed levels through the end of 2009 before beginning a slow recovery, Eric Starks, President of FTR Associates recently told the Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association (TTMA). “At the moment transport demand is so weak that in fact the trucking industry as a whole actually does not need any new trailers at all,” Starks said. Nevertheless, he predicted that the special needs of individual trucking firms would result in a continuation of the current low level of orders.

A large over-supply of trailers will act as a continuing drag on new trailer demand, resulting in very weak 2009 production of only 70,000 units for the industry as a whole. This will improve only modestly to 89,000 units in 2010, according to Stark.

Details included in the presentation are part of FTR’s North American Truck and Trailer Outlook Report.

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