Online Service Offers Multi-City Load Planning

July 21, 2009 launched a dual-leg search capability to ease planning for multiple-leg routes launched dual-leg search results capabilities that eliminate the need to manually and individually build multiple leg routes. This feature is similar in concept to travel services which allow for multi-city booking. By adding the convenience of dual leg results, can automatically create a comprehensive route with multiple destinations versus the tedious and time consuming need to schedule each haul separately, said

“As the entire industry looks for ways to increase revenue and productivity, dual-leg results is one of the most practical and relevant tools that can generate bottom-line profits for truckers, carriers and brokers,” said Bryan Jones, president of “We’ve automated one of the more difficult issues for trucking professionals who are forced to develop multiple destination routes on their own.”

The process is designed so carriers can get the detailed load information they need, including the number of second leg results, total trip mileage, credit score, company contact information and many other options.

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