New SelfDriving Truck Started in Silicon Valley

New Self-Driving Truck Company Started in Silicon Valley

The company called Otto is comprised of 40 members which includes talent from Alphabet's Google, Apple and Tesla.

A new company named Otto has the right stuff for success. The company was started by A former member of Google's autonomous car team and other Silicon Valley veterans. The approximately 40 members of Otto include talent from Alphabet's Google, Apple, and Tesla

"We're a team comprised of the sharpest minds in self-driving technology, and we are committed to reimagining transportation -- not just improving it," the new company said.

"At the heart of our vision is the belief that self-driving tech is the key for creating a more sustainable, productive -- and above all, safer -- transportation future."

Instead of trying to build self-driving trucks from the ground up, Otto is equipping trucks already on roads with sensors, software and other technology to take over for human drivers, perhaps when they need to sleep during long hauls.

"To speed the adoption of self-driving technology, we began by equipping existing trucks on the road with our unique self-driving kit, designed to empower truck drivers to drive more safely and efficiently," the blog post said.

More on the new company on IndustryWeek.

IndustryWeek is a companion site and part of Penton’s Manufacturing & Supply Chain Group. 

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