Racking Safety Tips

Racking Safety Tips

Racking safety involves more than tape measures. It’s about engineering, detective work and people skills according to Justin O’Sullivan founder of SEMA Racking Inspections.

Warehouse and racking inspections are a matter of the public and private sector coming together in the name of safety, which means knowing your acronyms, advises O’Sullivan. In the United States, OSHA might conduct an inspection of your warehouse as well as recommend expert inspections of your warehouse by private enterprises. Businesses can avoid surprise inspections by OSHA by being recognized as part of the SHARP program (OSHA’s Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program). 

The sometimes-confusing use of acronyms within the public and private safety world also occurs in the UK. There, the government department for health and safety (HSE) recommend that businesses get a SARI (SEMA-approved rack inspector) to help with the installation, maintenance and repair of its racking. 

Wherever your business is based, there are a lot of acronyms, private firms and public organizations to learn. Still, knowing them is important if you want your racking to be as safe and as legal as possible.

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EHS Today is a sister publication in Penton's Manufacturing and Supply Chain Group. 

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