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Distributor Adopts Nest & Stack Totes [New Products]

Oct. 16, 2014

Akro-Mils’ 35230 Nest & Stack Totes were selected for a new 562,000-sq.-ft. distribution/fulfillment center in Kentucky, built for a distributor of items ranging from Bath & Body Works products to DVDs from the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). The totes stack with or without lids, turn 180 degrees and nest when empty. They are used to transfer products via conveyor belt to numerous locations in the plant, including shipping, receiving, order picking and order packing. The totes are bar-coded, placed on the conveyor line, scanned and linked to a specific order. As many as 55 orders can then be picked from a single tote. The totes end up at a gravity flow rack where orders are packed.

Akro-Mils, a Myers Industries, Inc. company

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