Cargo Cart for Narrow Aisles Nashville Wire Products

Cargo Cart for Narrow Aisles

The RC148 Wire Cargo Cart measures 48” wide x 18” deep x 70” high, so it can move through narrow aisles and doorways. It has 2” x 4” side mesh, 1¼” x 4” base mesh and a bright electro-zinc Plated finish to prevent rust and prolong appearance. The shelves are easily adjustable and/or removable and have a 180 lb. capacity. The cart itself can hold up to 1,800 lbs. The cart is manufactured around a heavy-duty 1¼” 11-gauge square steel tube base and 1” 16-gauge round steel tube sides. The casters are 5”x2” Polyurethane (two rigid and two swivel) which are inset and bolted to welded caster pads for protection, strength, durability and ease of movement.

Nashville Wire Products


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