Fire-Retardant Plastic Pallets

ORBIS Corp. has launched Proliant, a fire-retardant plastic material for use in select plastic pallets. It is approved by Factory Mutual Research Corp. (FM) in meeting fire rating requirements equivalent to wood pallets. These pallets are traditionally known to meet Factory Mutual Insurance standards for commodity classification of idle plastic pallets and NFPA 13/2000 requirements.

Along with FM approval, Proliant also is compliant with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), providing the necessary compliance for food and beverage processors that require a fire-retardant pallet solution for their plants. Regulatory compliance evaluation was conducted with Proliant in accordance with the USA FDA food contact regulations (21 CFR citations), food contact notifications, Threshold of Regulations (TOR), generally recognized as safe (GRAS) inventory and prior-sanctioned lists.

ORBIS now offers 19 different designs of FM-approved fire-retardant plastic pallets, all available in Proliant. Proliant is a halogen- and bromine-free material that is fully recyclable. ORBIS pallets made with Proliant are available in rackable and stackable styles, in footprints from 36" x 40" to 48" x 48". They feature dimensional consistency for reliable stacking and trailer optimization.



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